Your Company's Paper Solution

Distributors & Partnerships

Our profits are built on the partnerships that we have developed over years of industry knowledge, sweat and dedication. With expertise in almost every area of the paper industry and across multiple market segments we either have the knowledge to service your needs or can likely reach out to find the answers needed for your product.

Distributors are the core makeup of our business as we recognize and appreciate the unique position and relationships these companies maintain with their clients. To achieve profits through the ups and downs of today’s markets we value personal relationships, specialized industry knowledge, as well as the logistic and accounting efficiency our distributor customers provide their clients. Our goal is to help build your business while maintaining a reasonable profit margin for the ongoing success of us both. You won’t find a better trade partner than PCC.

With dozens of brands and specialized paper products offered across multiple markets PCC is open to discussing how we can help your company build a product with long term profit potential. Many of the products we manufacture may be considered low margin commodity based items, however, with some of the unique packaging, labeling and printing capabilities we have available we may be able to turn an otherwise commodity into an industry leader with more attractive profitability. Anyone can wind or sheet paper. Our goal is to use our unique capability and expertise to help make you and your product a long-term success.